Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Man in the Mirror

What do your really want?

Every morning when you wake up what is the first thing you think about doing. I'm not talking about work, family ect. I'm talking about personal ambition. What is it that you desire to do?
Think about that. Then think about how long you have thought about doing it. Next, think about what you have done in the last year, 2, 3 or 4 years to get you closer to that goal. For some of you the answer may be simple. You may desire to do something and work toward that everyday. For others, it is harder. Some of you may desire to do something that seems impossible to do because of obligations. Work, family, and finances, can all play a role in what we desire. I will tell you this though. You will only truely want something when you work everyday at getting that something. What I am trying to say is that if you wake up in the morning and your true desire is to run a marathon, if you don't think about that everyday and work toward that everyday, you will never get there. I believe in life you have to be selfish sometimes. When we get older and can no longer do the things that we desire, what then? If you want to acheive something you have to be selfish. You have to put that goal in front of everything else. When you wake up in the morning it is the first thing you have to think about. You have to say to yourself, what is it that I am going to do today to bring me closer to my goal? For some, it may be waking up an hour earlier everyday to get to the gym. For some, it may be putting back $100 dollars a month toward that dream vacation. Whatever it is that you want to do, work for it. It has to become a part of your daily life. Until then, it will remain a desire, or a goal. You have to be upfront with those around you. Let them know what you are expecting to do, what you want to do. If they don't understand or support it, so what?!? It is your goal and your desire! Do what you have to do to get there. When you do. It will be the best moment in your life. Most likely you will find that those who truely care about you want you to succeed. They want to help you acheive. Your mind has to overtake you. You have to be in constant pursuit. When it is all said and done with you will see that you were truely not selfish. Through your hard work and dedication you probably inspired some of your friends and family to do better themselves. A lot of people say that I'm selfish. Is that the case? I have been able to raise a lot of money for a good cause. So you tell me. Is the time and energy worth it? Why don't you find out for yourself? A lot of people say that they are the ones that have to look at themselves in the mirror everyday. Everyday when I see my reflection. I see a man who is not yet satisfied. What does your reflection say to you?


  1. David, awesome post! I have to say I am enjoying getting these posts a little more frequently since you are still recovering!

    Anyways I was surprised to see your mother is in Tennessee. I live in middle TN.

    Maybe next year you will get the desire to do the Barkley marathon (100 miler). It is in March I think. It is held about 80 miles east of Nashville and supposed to be one of the toughest races around.

    I'll be praying for your speedy recovery and thinks for inspiring....(finished my 1st ultra and 40 miler since I started following you and what you are about. Keep God first in your life and everything else will fall in place.


  3. Reads alot like things Ive heard Lance Armstrong say. Apparently everyone says hes a totally selfish bastard but nobody denies that hes the champion because of it.

  4. Thanks Goggins. I needed the kick in the ass.

  5. I like most of your posts but this is one of my favorites!

    Very well said and written. I hope your recovery is going well.

  6. Another great post David and its great to see you’re recovering well with a positive attitude! Here is something I wanted to share with you and others. I’m sure many people will read this, roll their eyes and say yeah whatever, more metaphysical B.S. But anyway here goes… When I first started following you (after I read the Runners World article) one thing that stuck in my mind was that you mentioned you hate to run, bike and swim and that everyday on your way out the door you’d say to your wife “I hate this s**t” I am a firm believer in the power of spoken word and its relevance to how the world operates. Any follower of God and the Bible knows the power of spoken word. It is in fact how it all began.

    No matter what you are doing at any given moment, whether the moment is filled with misery or bliss be careful what you say. God, The Universe, (whatever you want to call it) wants what’s best for you and works for you if you let it. So when you constantly say you hate something, the universe will attempt to do its part and remove you from the situation. In your case, your hate may have bought you some time away from the exercise, but fortunately for you, your family and all of those you help and inspire it's just some time off rather than something more permanent. Everyone is thankful that you’ll be back on your feet soon riding RAAM or doing whatever challenges you next. You are truly an inspiration and no doubt a beast!!! Believe what you will about the power of spoken word but maybe in the future when you leave in the morning tell your wife “You love this s**t” Take Care!!

  7. David,
    Simply wanted to wish you well, and say thanks for your thoughts and insights. Have done several ultras myself, and cross paths with you briefly while doing Badwater - you passed me even though I started four hours ahead of you.. and inspired me as you went by :).
    Wishing you a speedy recover, and of course much health and happiness to you and your family. Kindest Regards,

  8. Hi David: You are so awesome! I recently read a book called "Excused Begone" and it addresses those same issues. If you really and truly want something out of life, then you have to make it happen. Sometimes it may take a bit of work, but if you truly want it to happen then you make it a priority. Otherwise it will never happen. That's just life. For me, I just say "What would David do?" when my body starts to complain about muscle pains -- and I push through. I'm not committed to showing no weakness though, I whine quite a bit -- but I do it! That's what's most important. David, you take care of yourself!

  9. you should write a book!!!! since you have more time on your hand and im sure there alot you want to explain to the world

  10. aloha david ,

    i need help in changing my life .im 52 female and overweight . i do i start????
    can i email you ?? what your direct email account???

  11. I enjoy reading about your thoughts on what it takes to excel in sports or in any part of life. I believe if more people shared your view, they would achieve way more since they would invest their time and energy in "doing" versus complaining and day-dreaming about what could have or should have been.
    I only believe to some extent in gifts or talents since I have heard numerous people saying things along the lines like: ,,if I had Goggins' commitment or ability, or genes..then I would etc etc" I am not saying that your success has nothing to do with talent, genes or whatever...but MOST of your success is based on commitment and never taking the eye off your goal. I believe it is an easy "excuse" in a way to say one cannot achieve something due to limitation XYZ. In your case the limitation was your weight at the time. That did not stop you - and your achievement is therefore even more admirable!
    Your insights got me through another tough workout in the pouring rain early this morning. Thanks for the inspiration and hopefully your recovery will go as planned.

  12. David,

    Awesome article in Triathlete magazine. I picked one up earlier today and was plesantly suprised to see you in there. Hope to run with you again in the future. Take care and get well.

    David Carter

  13. Mr. Goggins,
    It has been a pleasure watching you and all your accomplishments. You are a true role model in todays world. I heard that you were going to be a the SEAL Fitness Challenge in Seattle the beginning of August. I am going to fly in to meet you personally. I have some business I would like to discuss with you. I believe you would be an asset to our company. I look foward to meeting you and thank you for all the good you do.

  14. I just watched the Ironman race and I am inspired by your story. I have been trying to get into running in an effort to lose weight and was surprised by your comment that you hate running. This sparked my interest as I also hate to run but I know it will help me in my goal to lose weight. Thank you for your site and inspiration. God bless a speedy recovery to you.

  15. If you don’t have dreams, or not working towards it, then you’re not living. It takes courage, strength, and integrity to achieve a dream. When others see what we achieve, it impacts them by validating anything is possible. Living and leading by example!

  16. Goggins - Excellent post. I'm not sure that that the truly driven person will ever really achieve satisfaction since there always seems to be more to do! Regardless of what anyone else says or thinks, you're doing an exceptional thing for the Warrior Foundation and those whom you inspire. Best to you in your recovery. Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. Dear Mr. Goggins

    Your achievements and your blog entries have been very inspirational.

    One thing you said that really ring a bell with me is "why" do a person run.

    For several years, I have used running as a way to get to know Charlie. A teacher
    named G.I. Gurdjieff developed a system called The Fourth Way. This system
    is a tool one uses to explore the essence of our selves through intense and honest
    self-observation and self-introspection. These self-observations take place in everyday life. This is very difficult because it reveals how fragmented our will are and how we must expend great effort against adversities to make change within ourselves. Superman, according to G.I. Gurdjieff, was not the character that runs faster than a locamotive or fly higher than a rocket, but the one who is able to development themselves far beyond the point where nature has left them.

    The comment that some people thought you were crazy is usually the reaction of people are satisfied on where nature has left them. According to my own observations, great people often are remembered because went against the grain of what is normal to go where many people may not want to go.

    Recently, I sustained a minor injury and I am on the road to recovery. My injury is due to over working a particular body part and I am confident that I will overcome it (soft tissue injury near the inside shin area. I thought it was shin splint, but docter said it was not).

    You are a true warrior and inspiration to me and others.

    I will be honored for a response on your thoughts of my email and any suggestions for the journey within.


  18. David,
    What's the latest on your recovery? Haven't heard anything since this post in mid-July. Been praying for you and looking forward to hearing how you are doing.

    If you had time, I want to pick your brain about some upcoming events that I've scheduled myself for. I'm just getting started in all this, but I'm riding a 100m bike race in Sept, a triathlon in October, and three marathons (Dec, Jan, and Feb) all in Alabama. Working towards the goal of some ultras. Would certainly like some training advice if you have some.

    Jayme in Sweet Home Alabama

  19. Goggins Where You AT, BRO??? BTW, Hope alls well on the Recovery side of things!!!!!!

    PEACE OUT :-)

  20. David. I am SPC Marcus Boykin. I am an avid runner, and was invited to join the Army Marathon Team. I was deployed right after being invited, so that is now on the backburner. I have been keeping up with you for the last year when someone told me about you. I have been keeping your story and legacy alive in the military community. Currently i am confined to a treadmill and bike in the gym in Iraq- which i am not complaining about. I am adapting my training so not to loss much endurance while I am here. I know people ask you all the time for an autograph or words of encouragement- and yes I am going to ask. Nothing to lose right?

    I hope to join the ranks of Special Forces, starting the journey next year.

    My address here is
    SPC Boykin
    TF 2-114 A Battery
    COZ Marez E APO/AE 09334

    I hope to hear from you. You have inspired me to go for ultras. Thank you battle!


  21. david, i was wondering if you could e-mail some workout plans or help me put one together. something i can do as a pre-BUDs schedule.
    that would be a big help
    Thank you for everything you have done.
    my e-mail redheadasian1@hotmail.com

  22. DG,
    Have you ever considered taking a crack at the "Barkleys Marathons?" I know you made a comment that you're pretty much done with Ultra's, but some say this is hands down the toughest race in the world. I think there's only 8 people to complete the race out of 700 tries. Just curious...

    Hope the recovery is going well--

  23. Hi David we haven't heard from you in a while so hope the recovery is going well. You are definitely an inspiration to all of those out there that doubt that when you set your mind to something you can accomplish it. On that note I would like to ask you some questions about the navy SEALS offline if possible. I would be honored to hear back from you if possible. Thanks!

    Email: saidelperez@earthlink.net

  24. Hope you are doing well. I'm training for my first 26.2. I really don't like running. But I do it to prove to myself I can. Just want to let you know that because of your story, I have found that I really can suck it up and do it.



  26. Tell me what you focusing on mentally to push yourself to do the things you do. How can I do what you do?

  27. David,

    You are an inspiration. I am a Beachbody Coach and I love the results that I get from being so healthy. Keep up the great work!

  28. Personally, I don't believe you have to be selfish to achieve your goal. I have ran numerous marathons, consider myself physcially fit. I eat well, always have. Fitness and eathing well is just part of my life. I am a single mother and I wake up every morning with one though in mind. Thank you Lord for letting my children have me another day. Every day, I know and look forward to completing another run to get ready for another race. I am very ambitious and love life!!! I consider myself lucky to be so healthy. That is my goal, to remain healthy and fit! We don't have to be selfish to achieve our goals, I beleive we can actually "multi task" and do a few things at one time! without having to ignore or step on others. I think your a great athlete and you have achieved your status because of your committment and your dedication and your love of the sport. I have much respect for you and all athletes. but it's possible to do for others and for ourselves without becoming selfish or having the mind set that we have to only think of ourselves in order to achieve our goals.

  29. David,

    Oh brother where art thou???

  30. Where is David ?
    How is he doing ?

    Some news maybe on his health ?

  31. Couldn't have said it any better myself. Keep up the good work David. You're in inspiration to me and my goal of qualifying for the Kona IRONMAN in the next 2 years.

  32. God, you are an inspiration! I'm sure you would be a great motivational coach for personal development. Maybe write a book about your life experiences. I'm guessing from the blog, the feedback would be awesome!


  33. I knew many SEALs during my 20 years in the Navy and the vast majority of them are the strong, quiet and confident type. David seems to me to fit this profile very well. Anyone out there who would criticize his motivations is simply an ignoramus who does not comprehend the mind of a patriot, warrior and endurance athlete. They remain safe on their sofas thanks to brave men and women like David and his wife.
    Fair Winds and Following Seas, shipmate. And heal well!
    Dan Foley
    CDR USN-Retired

  34. 1st off, thank you for doing what you do. I love the what you say about training and your mentality towards swim, bike, and run. I am one of the same types. I love to lift, but I got sucked into triathlon because of a charitable cause. I remember stumbling across my 1st finishline and hurting so bad, that I had to come back, I had to learn to finish a race standing tall and strong at the finishline. I still have a similar attitude towards cycling, but I have found some enjoyment in my swim and in my run. Long message short, what are the chances you could come and speak in front of the staff of my school? I work for a public charter school located in Temecula and I was hired about a year ago as the Health and Fitness coordinator. I have an uphill battle in trying to influence the attitudes of those around me towards their health. It would be an honor if you could share your story with my staff. We have a conference this Aug. Keep doing what you do, and I thank you...Regards, Murray Webb Health and Fitness Coordinator River Springs Charter School

  35. you do some amazing things, everytime i see your videos i feel inspired. i joined the navy DEP program on feb 2 2010. currently my job is going to be gunner's mate. im training to go to BUD/S though its always been a dream to be a SEAL. its a hard road and im sure u know that. i go to RTC on oct 5th 2010. so im working hard to pass the PT and half my job changed to SEAL. u really keep me inspired that when it gets tough to just keep on going. u are a really tough guy and proud of what u do

  36. Hi David, My name is Tony and I have been motivated by watching your videos and reading your many post. Thankyou for all you do for our country and the children who have lost their parent trying to spread freedom/democracy in the world. It is a very noble cause and I wish you continued success.
    I am planning a run from Jacksonville to Miami Fl in December to raise money and awareness for CTF.(The Childrens Tumor Foundation)(CTF.ORG) It is an organization that promotes education,awareness and raises money for a cure for Neurofibromatosis. I have personally suffered from this genetic disorder since I was 22yrs old. I have had 6 surgeries and will have many more in the future. I ramble. I was wondering what your strategy is for doing the run across America. How many miles each day how many days in a row. I have run many marathons for the cause and would appreciate some information.
    Again thankyou for all you and your family do and thankyou for any information you will share. Sincerely, Tony Mixon

  37. Thank you for your post. I get all teary every time I check out what he's up to lately. He is truly inspirational and I have the utmost admiration for him. Not many like him in this world. I've never met him, but in any video I've watched he comes across unquestionably humble and kind.

  38. Hi David,
    I'm a 25 years old drafstman, from France who does graphic novels, and also ultramarathoner myself. I'd be interested in discussing with you about an illustrated project.
    You can see some of my stuff on this blog http://vincelarue.blogspot.fr/ -
    but I'm thinking of a graphic novel on ultrarunning, especially inspired by you, organic farmer Kyle Skaggs, vegan Scott Jurek, and ex-junky Timothy Olson. I'll probably try to get in touch with them too.

  39. News on David Goggins:


  40. Hello Mr Goggins,
    I am a 17 year old from Texas. Whether you know it or not you have inspired thousands of people to achieve excellence in every facet of their lives. Your work for our service men and women inspired me to create my own foundation. I am doing seven triathlons in seven weeks in order to raise money for wounded warriors. You are a true hero because you put others before yourself without the expectation of reward. Below is a link to my foundation. Thank you for your service .