Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hi Everyone,This is David's wife, Aleeza. I have only ever posted David's health updates on here but I feel that I need to. So many of you read David's blogs and take them completely out of context! David is a man that hates to do these things, that is a fact. Another fact is that...yes...he does do them alone. Myself and many others support David in his races, however, he is always alone. He is talking about his mind, the thoughts, the miles he has to complete. He is not speaking of physically being alone, or spiritually for that matter. He is saying that when you are on mile 50 or you are at work and have a horrible day, no one can help you get past that in your mind. You can get encouragement and love and support all day, but the bottom line is...if you don't push through it mentally, you will never complete your mission.
And to those of you who post that David is selfish... David gives his life doing these things to help others and is the most grateful guy you will ever meet...but I'm sure you've never had a conversation with him have you? I have seen this man go through extreme pain and suffering because it may put just one more kid through college. I watched him break the bones in his feet during his first 100 mile race and I watched him piss blood on the kitchen floor after I drug him up the stairs and he passed out. Don't talk to me about him being selfish. I witnessed him run 24 hours, tear his quad and then keep going for another 24 because people had promised to donate money if he completed 200 miles in 48 hours. My husband is an old school man, many of which don't exist anymore.
Many of you that read this blog understand that David is not the average guy. Most people would not choose to put themselves through pain to raise money, but David knows that is what gains attention. He hates being on magazines, hates doing interviews, but he does it because he knows that it will help the foundation. Trust me, you won't see him much after the RAAM. This will be his last race. He has had a goal in mind of how much money he has wanted to raise for the foundation and that mission will be complete when he crosses that finish line.
Everyone seems to think that David is a paid athlete; I'm here to tell you he is not. He is a hard working military man that works well over full time hours and gets a paycheck every two weeks just like everyone else. We as a family have spent thousands of dollars in order to raise money for the foundation. I'm not writing this blog to give you our life story, I'm writing because I have seen several posts on the Internet and this blog lately that talks about David being selfish and that his wife mush hate him. The truth of the matter is... I couldn't be more proud of this man. He is a true warrior and takes that spirit into his life everyday.
David blogs to try and help people take on the challenges in their lives. Obviously some of you think that life should be fun and lived that way. David believes that if he isn't pushing himself to become a stronger human being, that he isn't living.
Those of you who take offense to what David says, shouldn't be on his blog. Maybe you will all understand when David finishes the RAAM and you don't see or hear about him again. And you sure as hell won't have to worry about him upsetting you by his blog posts. He has dedicated his life for the last several years to this foundation to raise a million dollars. Not for himself, but for the guys who died for this country that allow him the ability to do what he does in his everyday life.
Until you have witnessed David suffer through some of the pain that I have witnessed, you will never truly know what all he has done for others.
Instead of assuming how David's family life is...please feel free to ask questions. I'm more than happy to answer. And I don't mean what he eats for breakfast.
It's funny how people seem to think this is all a game. David has told you why he does it...to raise money, and test his limits. When you read his blog, a lot of you get what he has learned and are taking it on yourselves and becoming better people who have pushed to get outside of there comfort zone. Others just get upset.


  1. Thank you for sharing.
    Appreciate all that you guys do.

  2. Aleeza, thank you for this post. I have never met David but know of him through second-hand accounts. Primarily a friend of mine who will be crewing him for RAAM.

    I have never heard a negative thing about David from anyone that has ever met him. And maybe it's just because I understand that to be an endurance athlete at any level you need to be selfish at times but I have never thought any of these blogs posts were anything but honest, hard looks into the mind of a man that strives to be better than he was yesterday. For himself and others.

    Unlike David, I am overly selfish in the fact that I am sorry to hear he will not be continuing to pursue endurance athletics after RAAM. He has been an inspiration to myself and many others throughout our endeavors.

    I wish both of you the best in whatever comes next and I can't wait to here the stories from RAAM. Good luck, God speed, and continue the fight!


  3. You couldn't have said it better! David is truley a lucky man to have a women like you standing behind him!

  4. Aleeza -

    I love you and David very much. God Bless you and your family.

    Ryan Dexter

  5. Thanks Aleeza. I am saddened to hear that David will no longer be out there any longer, but given the circumstances and the crappy hand that he's been dealt, it's the right choice.

    As far as the comments, I took a few secs to skim through them and I just have to say that folks are just ignorant about what they can't understand.

    He's as selfless as they come and it baffles the mind when ANYONE would have the cojones to question his motives or his character.

    Best of luck to you two. Aleeza, as someone who dated a nurse, I have much respect and appreciation for what you do as well as David's service to our country. Thank you both. And please...don't be a stranger and keep us updated beyond RAAM.

  6. I hope David continues to post and race - his updates are inspiring and the quiet way in which he goes about his business is a model I wish more "superstar" athletes would follow.

    His results, the money he has raised, the people that he has inspired speak for themselves. I hope a few naysayers on an internet message board don't sidetrack his journey.

  7. Well said Aleeza. You know David better than anyone and for those of us who know him , even just a little bit, know that he has more integrity, passion, and determination than just about anyone else you'll ever meet.

  8. David, I apologize. I guess I had my own bad day(s). Perhaps the astonishment of your feat and the dedication with which you do it makes us lose track of the real reason you are really busting yourself; love for others/service to others. There is nothing greater. You are truly an honorable man. I truly have the utmost respect for you. With admiration and sincerely regretful.

  9. Aleeza, thank you for posting your perspective. When I read his last blog post I did raise an eyebrow at the tone...but I accepted it as part of who David Goggins is and how he expresses himself.

    I respect him for just saying what he thinks without trying to sugarcoat it. To be honest, I think military people (especially combat arms) have a much higher appreciation for this than civilians.

    Anyway, David is an inspiration for me and what he has accomplished will always be there, regardless of what he does in the future.

  10. I just want to say that it is sad that so many post negative comments about David. I want to make it clear, that I look at David as the most common link the modern era has to Thomas Edison, these are both men who got there inspiration from failure. David through pushing his body to extremes, not to test his limits, but to give to the needing, and he realizes failure is just a natural part of it. What makes him special like Edison, is he doesn't accept the failure, he learns from it, gets back up, and goes goes goes. Thank you David, do not let the jealous comments of others ever disturb, you are doing very important things, if it wasn't for mentalities like yours we wouldn't have the light bulb.

  11. I have friend who uses the phrase, "My perception is my reality & my reality is not always correct." I am sorry to hear you all have suffered from folks whose perception is based more on their conjecture & feelings than facts & truth. May God bless you & carry you through this phase of life too. Romans 8:37.

  12. No matter where you are, you will always find people that say negative things. All I will say is thanks David for the inspiration. I love your blog as it goes against the grain. I find myself reading it when I am finding the road alittle steeper. Thanks and keep going!

  13. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Goggins:

    I am a 3rd year law student at the Penn State Dickinson School of law. Two weeks ago I signed up for a 50 mile race being held in Virginia in a week and a half. I have never run this distance before. When I told a Sailor who is at the Naval Medical Center at Bethesda getting treatment what I was doing, he gave me a link to your site.

    Both of you are heroes in my book, because as a family you are doing something remarkable, which is to live by the Golden Rule. I am quite sure you Mrs. Goggins are essential to Mr. Goggins' life, which is a remarkable life.

    Two weeks ago I was feeling sorry for myself (despite how rough I know that life is for people around the world) and then I was given a glimpse of Mr. Goggins' life and philosophy. Well, I can tell you I am not feeling sorry for myself any longer, but instead trying to live by his example which is to live fully, to do things with complete commitment.

    You both have noble souls and I am grateful that you both exist. Thank you for inspiring me to try and be a better human being.

    I hope you as a family do whatever will bring you happiness, whatever that is, be it more races for the children of the fallen, or taking a break from it. Whatever the number of critics out there (they are evil by the way), it matters not. You have people discovering your life every day who are inspired and really think the world of your endeavors.

    Jason McGhee
    J.D. Candidate, Class of 2010
    Penn State University
    Dickinson School of Law

  14. Did you ever read a comment on a blog and then wish for the perfect response? It just happened. David ... you're a lucky man to have a soulmate like Aleeza. My only question is ... who is tougher?!

  15. Aleeza, I believe you are right - David is the real deal. His feats come one after another and each of them are uniquely amazing. I am sure that both he and you walk with your heads held high, regardless of internet negativity. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this blog. Also, having been a coast-to-coast crew member in the 2006 RAAM, and being a teacher with summers off. I would like to offer my experience and service to David in his RAAM this summer - just ask.

  16. Is there anyway possible to talk to you or david directly? Ive been trying to get an email where i could reach you for a long time. There used to be one on this site i think but i cant find it anymore. Im just an active duty sailor that would like the opportunity to ask him a couple questions. No interview, no bs just straight forward questions. He is a role model and i would like to try to duplictae his success

  17. And most of those firing away negative comments.. are typically all cowards who post anonymously. People afraid to sign their name... just jerks. Pay no mind to them!

    I've met David.. and I've run the same course as him a few times now. He is one of the funniest, funnest, hard working and tough individuals I have ever met. Truly a class act. Shame on anyone who thinks otherwise.

    And to see how Aleeza supports him at the races... always ready at a moments notice. Always giving him love.. simply amazing.

    Sherpa John

  18. David is my hero everytime in life when I say I cant do something...I just imagine Im David Goggins for a second and that alone gives me the will power to push through.... everynight I say a prayer for David because I truly believe in what he does and the effect its having on these kids hes putting through college...thank you David.

    P.S.- tonight is no different, right for I go to bed I will pray for you.

  19. I have followed you, David, for awhile now. Always impressed and inspired. I understand your reason for leaving the scene once the goal has been reached. May I ask one thing of you? (this is truely selfish on my part..really) Would you please consider keeping the blog going just a bit...tell us the things, gear, food, clothing, mindset..the intangibles as well as the tangibles that you found to help you accomplish so much for others. It is a tremendous service to us trying to accomplish our goals.
    Yesterday I didn't want to run. I left work for lunch, changed my clothes and went out and did it..out with a tail wind back against a horrible head wind. I closed my eyes and ran the fast 4mile return leg I have ever clocked...truely spiritual experience. I went on that run because I read your blog then saw a clip of yours on a crossfit site. That is what you do.

  20. Folks, i know it's hard to understand "Dave." I'm not sure Dave cares if you do or don't understand him, he's a person of another time...trust me, I lived and trained w/ Dave in the early days. Being around Dave for an extended period of time is an experience you'll never forget. I've had my best training session as a young aspiring Military man and athlete w/ Dave. He's able to bring out the best in you without even saying anything. Approaching the age of 40 I still to this day reflect on those times as I train for the inevitable shit life throws at me.

    Alleza thanks for setting the record straight for some of these folks. Dave, for what it's worth--us from the past are watching you and wish the best for you. You continue to inspire us all in that special way brother. Hold your head high and keep charging.


  21. i have been following David's blog for more then a year and I love everyone of them. I also am saddened by those that leave such horrible things. You do have to understand that those are the people that wish they could do a tenth of what David has done in his life. I am inspired everyday by what he does. As soon as I saw the Lexus commercial video he did i was hooked. Like everyone else that loves you both please tell David to follow his dream and I trust and know he will. And if that means that he is done racing then good for him and maybe, just maybe someone else will follow in his footsteps.

  22. Great post Aleeza. I was fortunate to meet David recently and just want all of you to know that it's very clear in his demeanor that he doesn't do this stuff for his own personal glory. He's a great guy contributing more for his country and fellow man than most could ever hope to contribute. God Bless!

  23. Hi Aleeza, I'm John. I first became aware of David through the Badwater. Any idiot that thinks any amount of money is worth doing Badwater cancels his or her right to speak, automatically. Those of us who get inspiration from guys like David, Scott Jurek and Dean Karnasez salute you and David everyday. Thanks for being there, for all of us

  24. I find it hard to believe that any one can criticize you or family Aleeza. Unfortunately in life people find it easier to pass judgement from the comfort of their lounge room. As Jaz-Z said "everyone can tell you how to do it but they never did it"

    When ever I fell exhausted from training, work or study I watch David on you tube, it doesn't take till the end of the video for me to feel inspired again.

    I hope RAAM doesn't spell the end of David's public profile as people around the world need people like David to inspire them. Being a self driven person even I need inspiration every now and then.

    Aleeza it is great to see you back David in his endeavors I to have a supportive wife and I know with out her I wouldn't be able to run swim or bike!

    Good luck for RAAM and your recovery!

  25. “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly. So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”

    - Theodore Roosevelt

    To hell with the critics. David keep doing what you do and make yourself and Aleeza happy no matter your future holds. You've earned the right to look in the mirror and smile. Knowing you've served, helped, endured and have accomplished more than what most people even dream of.

    God bless and best of luck with your future endeavors no matter what they may be!

  26. For a man who likes things to be kept in house, I imagine so much time in the lime light must be tough. Not only is David Goggins now one of the most uttered names in the Endurance world but the Navy runs him all over the place and is using him as a SEAL Poster boy and recruiting tool, which obviously is an honor, but still, for a private man I guess it could be tough.

    People hate. All the time.
    That's what they do best.
    Nobody likes to see their own weakness and lack of commitment reflected in the success and effort of another, but this is exactly what Goggins does, over and over again. Then, instead of jumping around like an ass telling people how great he is, he puts his head down and goes on to the next mission. People can't comprehend that. There is no happily ever after. It isn't a 2 hour movie about some bullshit hero. It's NOT prepackaged and made to make you feel comfortable.

    IT IS THE STORY OF THE QUIET PROFESSIONAL, for lack of a better term. Like the mens families he is raising funds to honor.

    It's that entire lifestyle, this is just something 99.9% of the world CAN NEVER GRASP. That is bound to make people uncomfortable, we all fear the unknown.

    I love it.

    Whatever you do man, good luck with it. Somehow,one way or another, I doubt the RAAM is the last people will here of David Goggins.

    P:S: Aleeza, disregard the haters, I saw some pictures, your hot.

  27. Aleeza - don't even worry about the haters; it's noise...and, IMHO...doesn't even deserve to be dignified with a response. You and David are doing great things. For every 1 negative whiner, there are 99 people who are positively inspired, don't necessarily tell you about it, and move forward to do great things rather than wanking and griping on the internet. God bless.

  28. David, thank you for your continued service to our country 1st and foremost. Keep doing what you do best.

    Also I hope you will be back after RAAM but if not thanks for your inspiration.


  29. Aleeza and David, People like you make a difference, and IMHO nothing else matters.
    God bless you!

  30. Mrs. G, no need to waste your time on the "haters" (I hate that term, but it is appropriate). No one person can make everyone happy, nor should he/she try. It is only his perception to you and your family that matters.

  31. David !! You are an inspiration to many people..keep raising money anyway you can ! I look forward to hearing more of you and about your journey

  32. Mrs. Goggins, please don't let the haters get to you. David is an inspiration to people.. even those of us who are overweight like he used to be and non military. I will run a 50 mile race, to push my personal limits, in October, because of how David has inspired me. I hate running too, but in David's image, I'm doing something I dislike to make me a stronger person. People will always hate, but I know that David can sleep easy at knowing knowing that he busts his ass and goes out of his way to help other people. God bless you David!

  33. Plus don't let it effect you because the internet has made it way too easy for stupid lazy ass people to give their opinions on shit that they have no business talking about. AKA Mr. Goggins, who is not only a hero but helps others everyday. I wish those lazy ass internet raiders would get off their ass and help as many people as David has!

  34. David is the most unselfish man i've ever heard of! He is a true inspiration to me and many others! By reading his blogs and reading interviews and articles,i was inspired enough to actually get off my ass and do something.I've totally transformed my life and body/health and feel much better for it.What he has done is extraordinary.I wish him a quick recovery and a big thanks! -Andrew

  35. David and Aleeza,

    Thank you both for your hard work. David thank you for your charity work and what you do as a SEAL. You are a inspiration to more than you know. Aleeza, thank you for being a supportive wife to a wonderful man. Your job is just as hard as his. Thank you both!

  36. More power to you. Sometimes it's not worth the energy to change every one's opinion, because they don't want to hear to truth.

  37. Thank you Mrs. Goggins!
    David is the MAN. Period!

  38. Aleeza and David,

    Thank you for your combined sacrafices to make a difference for those families who "gave all."

    Sua Sponte!


  39. I heard David speak at a conference in Cancun and more than 6 months later, I still think of his dedication, selflessness and commitment and it helps me push through my workouts, or just doing stuff I hate to do.

    It was refreshingly great to hear your perspective/side of things... Thank you for being honest.

    Peace and light,


  40. Hi Aleeza and David,

    It is unbelievable that naysayers can write unverfied, derisive and plain garbage that conveys neither considered thought or plain sense.

    I am due to do a marathon in October, the year previously I was a smoker. One of three people influenced my decision to change. David Goggins: you can take hurt like no-one else and also the easy way, although brandished in our culture, is not the best way- you exemplify hard work and steely dedication to get to where you want to go. Secondly Dean Karnazes: he makes eating pizza on a long run fashionable and thirdly Marco Olmo: an amazing, humble man that although impoverished, runs to take revenge against his lot in life.

    Both you and Aleeza are incredible people and that goes against a celebrity fixated culture. Celebrity and human character can be different things.

    Forget the Naysayers, their egos are not worth inflating. Just let them sit on their couches eating potato chips, ruminating of a life that could of been whilst not lifting a finger to achieve daily action. Basically they are wasters.

  41. I'm getting on this post a lot later than I wish I would have. I see that most of it is about the people and there negative comments towards David. This means very little to me because I think the comments are from people that don't have the drive or determination to do what David does. My problem is that in these comments it looks like they are taking him and what he does away from us (the people that use him to modivate ourselves). Are you really just going to leave the sport? Because of what you do I always say why can't I do more. You make me and many others a better people and I'm not just talking about running. You don't always get to see what you do but it is more than what I think you know.

  42. Awesome post! Those people who make negative comments are just cowards thats all. Like you said Aleeza, they have never been out of their comfort zone, or scrapped oversea's, and sure and the hell would even think twice to attempt to put themselves through what big Goggins does on a daily basis. Those people are jokes. They truely do not understand the sacrifices you and your husband make all the time. YOu two are amazing!

    Tear that damn race apart. Goggins thank you for all of your support and advice you have given me through the years.

    Sgt. Mario Sandoval
    2nd Ranger Bat.

    as you always tell me "Stay Hard"

  43. David,

    If you are ever in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area, let me know. It would be an honor to take you out for dinner.

    Like your wife said, "you are an old school man". I wish America had more people like you! Hell, I wish I had 50% the intestinal fortitude you do!

  44. Have run into David at Hoodoo 500, Miwok 100k,Devil Mountain Double, and a couple of other endurance events and you never sense a guy with a lot of ego driving him towards his goals Very genuine person doing a lot of good for many

  45. Great post. David is an inspiration to all of us who strive to push to the next level. He is blessed to have you by his side!

  46. i didn't know who david was until a few months ago. i saw him in a magazine, googled him when i got home and was amazed as what he has accomplished. that day, i ran nine miles. i hadn't ran in years, and i had never ran nine miles straight (never more than three). soon after, i started running 12 miles a day. i can't help but feel inspired when i see a video of him, and i can't help but feel that i am capable of so much more than i realize.

    i'm saddened to hear that the RAAM will be his last endurance feat, but i will always be inspired by him. to me, david goggins is an idea. an idea that i can accomplish the impossible. an idea so loud that the voice in the back of my head telling me to quit can no longer be heard.

    my father served in the air force for 27 years, and 'selfish' is the last thing that comes to mind when i think of any individual i've met in the military. 'self-less' is a better fitting term. being deployed for months at a time is a sacrifice; it's hard on the families - but we understand - it's a commitment made to our country. there is no room for selfishness in the armed forces.

    when i hear people criticizing others, they just give me a better idea of who they are. they should look in the mirror and say those things because it's a reflection of how they feel about themselves.

    so, thank you to david and aleeza goggins for showing the world what we can all do.

  47. I hope we do hear more from David after RAAM, but I'm selfish. Sorry. He is a very inspiring individual and his blog is frank and honest and hits a very deep chord, unlike any other blog I've read. I have never heard or read a single negative thing about him and I was surprised to read Aleeza's post. I haven't read the negative comments on his blog and I don't care to.

    People criticize because it's easier than fixing their own lives. I know David has more fans than critics. I am a fan.

  48. Many more of us love you guys than the guys who don't get it. Forget about them, they'll never understand anyway.

    Good luck in the RAAM.

  49. Negative people are miserable in their own lives so they seek to bring down others to their level. Misery loves company. These people aren't worth arguing with because they will never see the light regardless. Keep doing what you're doing. Thanks for everything you do!

    - Mike

  50. Good luck David.. New to your blog, you've already inspired me to push limits. God Bless from Houston, TX.

  51. How about a new blog sometime soon? RAAM is only 28 days away. How's preparation coming? And more importantly, how are you doing?

  52. Anyone who says that crap is an idiot and obviously don't know the "warrior" mentality. David has it in spades and probably doesn't have a clue as to how many people he inspires to do something they thought was impossible before. I hope we still hear from him as he is a great source of motivation for me and all my buddies. When we are at the end of a hard run or bike and want to ease up the running joke is "What would Goggins Do?". Hoo-Ya brother

  53. What David does, is a metaphor for how we all should live our lives. Sacrificially. Beyond ourselves. Giving what we can give. I am a runner and have learned much about life on difficult runs. My wife is battling breast cancer and will walk in Atlanta, 60 miles in 3 days. She's no super athlete but this is what she CAN do to fight and to help other women beat a disease. Like David, she is NOBLE AND WORTHY to live for the benefit of others. Critics and the ignorant, please stay mute. May we listen to those who truly give and understand brokeness. Hey, Aleeza you have my respect for speaking up. God bless you and your family. Live on. john

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  55. Just saw that you are in for Badwater 2010! As a person who will be crewing and pacing for a Badwater rookie, I am excited to see you there. It looks like some pretty stiff competition this year, maybe the best field they have ever had.

    Do you go into a race like this wanting to win? Do you go in just wanting to survive?

    Best of luck and see you in July!

  56. Aleeza,
    I want to commend you on your love, loyalty and support for the cause and especially for David. YOU GO GIRL! David is a true humanitarian on two accounts; 1. giving his life for our Country and 2. to give back over and over again for a cause you both believe in. I've only recently started running and am going to complete my first 50k in two weeks - I have barely tapped into my power and look forward to finding a cause that will justify this crazy passion I have for ultras. I am a bit obsessed, but don't love running either. I love it when I'm done. Wishing you both the best! Others who bring negativity into your life are only reflecting their jealousy and hatred for themselves. Keep on keepin' on! Peace to you both!

  57. On my way to the gym this early AM in Boston I couldve sworn I saw David running on the Charles River. Anyone else witness this???

  58. David and Aleeza,
    Let me first say this to you Aleeza, you have to be the most unselfish military wife out there. Not only have you dealt with the life of the Navy but you have dealt with the countless hours of training, runs and the aftermath. It takes a special kind of person to deal with both. David, to you brother, I applaud you and what you have accomplished. I am an avid runner and have learned to push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of. You are an inspiration and a motivator. I wish you well in all that you do in life. Keep up the good work both on and off the trail.

    Very Respectfully,
    AOC(AW) Don Weatherby, USN
    USS John C. Stennis CVN-74

  59. Who cares what the ignorant think-why give them any thought. The haters are nothing but a bunch of storm clouds, witness them as they pass by like the weather you witness outside. Do you let the weather outside affect you inside? The Sun is not affected by the storm clouds-it can not be touched. So we can also not be touched by the haters.

    Flowers have to deal with bugs...surely we as humans will have more to deal with it.

  60. I ask this with the outmost respect. David, I consider you to be one of the most inspiring individuals I have ever read about. I no loner see your name on the solo entries for the RAAM. Are you still racing? I hope and pray that you are well.

    God Bless you and thank you for everything that you do.

  61. dear david i first heard of you in the fall of 2008. i was already a passionate runner at that time but you inspired me so much that i tried to copy your training routine in my own little way. i ran 13 miles at 4:00 am and at noon time i go to the dojo to train for another 3 hours then i go home. run another 7 miles going to the gym and then do an hour of boxing in the gym. i was able to do this for almost two months, i felt i was super human till i got really hurt so bad that even walking was a task but it was all worth it. i pushed my mind, body, and soul to the limits and i did all this with inguinal hernia. youve always inspired me thank you so much god bless.

  62. David & Aleeza,

    As for the negative taps- FIDO. You know who you are and that right there is more than most can say.

    I hated running; still do. If it weren't for reading about David's perspective I would have never crossed the 5 mile mark.


  63. Hi David

    Hope every thing is going well. Looking forward to your next post

  64. Dave i know youve made it very clear that soon the blog and the publicity will be over and you will go back to doing what you do, but while your still training and motivating people can you share some more words of wisdom?
    And what are the chances of your specific seal swcc scout team doing a challenge at my base or one of the other close bases in the northern fl southern ga region?

  65. Aleeza, comments made by the sheep most always make no sense to the sheep dog. You remind me of my wife, she is always the first to step up and put the truth out there about my job and the family's sacrafice to protect liberty. Warriors understand why he does what he does, the rest can go back and enjoy their green pastures.............Z14

  66. Aleeza and David,
    Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate David's service to our country and the inspiration he gives to all of us. To push not just beyond our physical barriers, but more importantly, to reach beyond our mental barriers. I'm an avid runner and ran my first 50 miler back in 06. While training and doing the run itself was very demanding physically, the real game was getting my mind straight. Staying focused on the goal and pushing forward. I'm a music teacher at the Jr. High level and for the last couple of years I've showed David's video to my students as a way to get them to think about things like: "High standards", Reaching for excellence", Testing the limits of your soul", being a good individual before being a good team member". Getting them motivated to do their best and to reach beyond their preconceived limitations. It's all about charter, following through on your word, always giving your best, being of service to others. David in my book, you're a hero. Stay healthy and know that all good efforts have good effect! God Bless,

  67. I would like to know one thing. With all this running that you do, when do you have time to carryout your naval duties? When do you train with your fellow SEALs and what is your duty rotation. Raising money for fallen comrade’s kids is great but unless you go out into harms way yourself, and utilize your training. Then that trident that you display on your chest is nothing more than decoration.
    Joe B.

  68. David is an inspiration on some many fronts. He is in the military, he is a dedicated family man, he is also dedicated to the families of other military people, he sacrifices himself to help others.

    It bothers me to no end when people feel that what he does is nothing but a selfish act. I don't recall ever seeing David write that he was looking for approval from anyone. If he wants to do what he does - whether he likes it or not - is his business and the only one he has to get approval from is his wife, and it seems to me she definitely approves.

    Go David

  69. Mr. Goggins,
    Thanks for showing you truly care for the family members of others that have served this country so unselfishly. Your endeavor to honor those that have paid the "ultimate sacrifice" should not be judged by others unwilling to risk life and limb for their country. You were right about the method of attracting attention to your cause. One biproduct is that you became an inspiration to others that stand in utter amazement of your mental toughness.

    An Ex-submarine sailor

  70. "Anonymous said...
    I would like to know one thing. With all this running that you do, when do you have time to carryout your naval duties? When do you train with your fellow SEALs and what is your duty rotation. Raising money for fallen comrade’s kids is great but unless you go out into harms way yourself, and utilize your training. Then that trident that you display on your chest is nothing more than decoration.
    Joe B.

    David has been deploying to the middle east since the GWOT started, coming back inbetween deployments and doing ultraendurance events. You have no idea guy...

  71. Michael-Gora-SenghorJune 24, 2010 at 11:29 AM

    I once had the great pleasure of meeting David Goggins at the Naval Special Warfare Center in Coronado. When he came around the corner, I saw a tall muscular man with a slight beard looking like he just came from a deployment. From what I observed, David is anything but selfish. He asked me, "You want to go to BUD/S?" he asked me , "Yes" David smiled and said, "don't worry, You'll get your chance." Just the positive energy and reinforcement gave me more motivation and more peace at mind. During my few days at NAVSPECWAR motivation center (note: While I had just gotten a recent tonsillectomy) I have seen the positive energy from David to Sailors hoping to be SEALs one day. Its a life that "Most are willing, yet few are able." David helps make that "able" a reality everyday and you can tell just by his compassion, not only towards his job as a SEAL, but also towards changing peoples lives. Daivds blog is an inspiration to me and when I read some of the stories he posts, It only makes me want to make a difference in my life so much more. He really is a TRUE american hero. Many nay sayers disagree, but who are we to judge? to argue? There should be nothing short of praise and THANKS for his accomplishments IN and OUT of his Naval Career. I would like to see someone who criticizes him amount to HIS accomplishments. "Don't talk about it, BE about it." And thats EXACTLY what David is doing..

    Like the movie Blades of Glory said, "LET IT RAIN(HATE) DOWN ON ME!" It only makes the human being so much more stronger; physically, mentally, and spiritually.

    -Hooyah SO1 Goggins!

  72. Dear David,
    How are you doing? Looked for you in RAAM, Need to know if you are all right?

  73. Hey Joe B., tell us about your illustrious navy career before you retired. While you carried out your duties, did you expend the time, effort and sacrifice that David has in supporting a cause as worthy as scholarships for children of fallen comrades ? Your comment about wearing the trident as mere decoration is an insult and slap in the face to every man who has earned the privilege to wear it. Instead of questioning someobody else's commitment and motives, why don't you look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are capable of even conceiving of accomplishing what David does in one day. Rock on David, and keep ignoring the negativity out there.

  74. David and Aleeza,
    I don't even know if you check this blog any more, but I wanted to throw a few things out there for y'all... hopefully you get a chance to at least read it.

    I am a member of the military as well... I actually had the honor of knowing a Combat Controller who grew up with David (when I was stationed in Utah).

    It really disheartens me to see the way people judge David, and come up with all these wild things/accusations to say about him. I for one understand the sacrifices made by all the members of the armed forces; not to mention those involved in Army/Navy/AF special operations.

    The reason I started running ultras was after I watched a video on David. He inspired me to run 100 miles. It took me two tries, but I did it. The motivation/inspiration I drew from watching and reading about David helped me to realize I could accomplish things that I once thought were impossible. It literally changed my life...

    I believe what David does, both for our country and for the SOWF, is the epitome of selflessness... He selflessly gives to others, asking nothing in return, with the hopes of bettering someone's life (in his case, the lives of the children of our fallen warriors). That is commendable, and quite possibly one of the noblest things a person can do in their lifetime, which is give, and ask nothing in return.

    I know your time in the ultra-scene seems to be up, and we probably will never see you on a magazine cover again, and I will miss that.

    However, I'm thankful for the time I've had to learn from you, and pray that I can be a man who passes this "gift" on to others. To me, the gift is that of character, honor, integrity, excellence, and selflessness; all which you exemplify.

    Hopefully you're encouraged by the fact that in your short time, you've changed at least one life...

    Hooyah team!

  75. No news, no posts, no nothing.

    Where ever you are, whatever your doing, I hope you keep your head down and hope to hear about your exploits in life changing once again...

    Oorah (sorry, Marine here) SO1 Goggins

  76. David,

    Your story is very inspirational and I have been training for my first marathon in October. After reading your stories and seeing your interviews I have decided I would like to try some ultra marathons as well. You seem to make the impossible appear possible and I thank you for the motivation you give to myself as well as others.

  77. David, if you CRY during hell week would they drop you?

  78. David And Aleeza,
    Thank you so much for the inspiration you have provided for me, and countless others. God Bless you, and all of the pother Spec Warriors, and their families. And don't even think about the haters, jealousy is an ugly, ugly thing.

    Hang Tough

  79. I know this blog is old, and the I'm late in getting to read this. I just wanted to say that as competitive cyclist, I often think of something that David said during an interview that I saw once. To paraphrase, it was along the lines of "When you want to quit and you think you can't go any further, your body is only 10% done." I use that often during training rides, and in competition. David and family, thank you for your hard work and dedication to the foundation, other athletes, and to each other over the past few years. You've inspire MANY!

  80. To the Goggins: Your story has shown me that there are, in fact, other Americans out there pushing themselves. There is one major difference between you and me, then: I really do love running. Although I need no impetus to keep on going (except possibly a dedicated running buddy), your story still inspires me. How far can we push ourselves? Whatever happens from here, just know that those of us who understand what you are doing (it isn;t hard if you listen) care about you. Here's an article I wrote about you today: http://factoidz.com/david-goggins-an-ultramarathoner-and-navy-seal-with-purpose-direction-and-motivation/

  81. Goggins family. I have said this before and I want to say it again. I started running almost 2 years ago and started running ultras about a year and a half ago. What you have done for me you will never realize. David your goal was to raise money for a great cause and I want to tahnk you for that... but to me personally you have started something even better...... inspiration. I look at my life right now the way you look or looked at yours. there is no finish line.
    I ran 20 ultra marathons last year in my first year of running and countless marathons. People always tell me good job or well done but i am never happen i know i can do better and push harder. I hear about a hard race here so i sign up for it and i hear about another one the next day only an 8 hour drive the next day so i sign up for that. I am less worried aobut sleep and pain that i am about pushing my limits. The only limit(DNF ive had) was a broken big toe and reading all your blog i feel like was still no excuse. I think about that DNF every race and I push harder so that never happens again.

    I dont know what id do if id just stop doing ultras. I dont think I could. It is a door for me that once opened can not be closed.

    youve inspired more people than youll ever realize and I watch your youtube video about your course record 150 run before my races as motivation. If i feel bad or i hurt I think about how you pushed through harder.

    I cant agree with what you say more. there is no finish line for me. and you have to visualize yourself doing it or youll never do it.

    I want to thank your wife as well for helping you through all of this and supporting you!

    Ideals are stronger than muscle.

    I too hate running yet i like the competition and to have a reason to run 100 miles. I think nothing is better than being 40 miles into a race climb up a mountain just to get a couple breaths of that fresh air few will ever breathe.

    I am telling you right now you have achieved excellence! You are my hero!

    Run like hell
    Sean Run Bum Blanton

  82. David is a hero in my book no matter how you look at it. Any chance he could come talk to my kids at Eastlake Middle School? I have referred to David more than once in class. Keep it up and don't worry about the naysayers.

    Zac Johnston

  83. I came across David in a youtube clip on Navy Seals. I have since started college and enlisted in the Army. David has inspired me to change my life for the better. For what its worth i felt someone should know.

  84. David,

    Saw your name on the Chief's list that was just posted on the BUPERS Homepage. Congrats on your selection! Well deserved and great job. Enjoy the expereience.
    Bob M.

  85. I just know that david has been a great help in my life and in my trainings. And it is not selfish in anyway.
    I believe in god as I believe in David.
    Robin M. Recknold

  86. Though your athletic discipline is certainly inspiring, I have found your story and motivations even more admirable and have a great respect for your efforts. As I haven't seen any news on the internet in regards to your efforts in quite some time, and respecting your privacy, I wish you and your family the best in health and your future endeavors. I have enjoyed watching your story from an internet distance.

    Best regards

  87. As a former powerlifter, I understand and am ispired by the journey this superhuman has put himself through. There is definitly something to be learned from this man and his endeavors. A wise person should do nothing more than observe and learn from a man that has not only done great things but maintained his identity and values in the process. My hat off to you sir, even though we have never met.

  88. I met David 3 years ago when I was 17. How he talked and told his stories I was just amazed. He stories have given me motivation in almost everything I do. I just found this site today and wanted to tell him Thank You.

  89. David Goggins,

    You are gone.
    You're website is now gone.

    I know you are an active duty Navy SEAL and apparently up for promotion- I hope you make CHIEF. Promotion is important for the family and for your self. Good luck with it.

    That having been said....I am disappointed.
    I know what your job means. The Sacrifice you make, I don't know, nobody could, but logically, I understand what you and all you warriors do. So this is some kind of a ridiculous catch 22. My own selfishness is disgusting.

    Without wasting too much time I will say this:

    You have said a lot online and in print. You have motivated and pushed people, to places you will never know about. You have literally changed LIVES, in a good, productive real way.
    Now, you gave out all this emotional nourishment, you taught all these lessons.
    You going away, just vanishing now, its not unlike some peace keeping force distributing chow in some ravished and war torn land. Suddenly, the food just stops coming. The support just goes away. The helps gone.

    Sure- people can fight on or they can die. It doesnt change the fact that the strong wall everyone was leaning against just without warning vanished.

    It doesnt matter if you planned this. You said it all. You put it out there. I heard once that if you save a mans life, you become responsible for it....

    I hope you arent dead, I really hope you arent dead in some country that doesnt care. Some of us lost friends already, brothers that sweated and bled and went the distance with us. They are dead. I hope you are not.

    You seem to be a "normal guy" so you might not be ready for what you created, but its here none the less.

    Whatever you feel or think. If its a short story or just a word, I hope heartely that you will post it HERE.

    Stay hard. You have made connections with people that you will never, ever be able to comprehend. Oorah.

    Eric Barnes.

  90. Nice postings and very inspirational - contact me if you guys are ever on O'ahu and wish to do any outdoor adventures.
    Best wishes to you and David

  91. Hi David,

    My name is Annie Egian I am a Casting Director in Los Angeles, I would like to get in touch with you regarding a project for a Sports Energy Drink company, who is looking for an athlete with a unique story and background. Please call me 213-308-5535, so I can share more details.

  92. David is the man most men are missing nowadays! I don't mean to be cheesy but he is kinda the man I want to become, a role model for me per se. Of course, I'm not sure I can live up to the feats he did or even that I should, but the principles remain, real men fight, not eachother but themselves... HOORAH!

  93. David is a hero.

    Enough said.

  94. It takes humility to do something for another with no expectations of return, but the ultimate example of humility is pushing yourself to the limits to prove to others that it can be done.

  95. Hey David, you are truly an inspirational person. I can't remember how I found your blog, but all your words are power impacting.
    From Singapore.

  96. I met and heard David speak at a visit to the Navy Seal base last week and was blown away. What an amazing and impressive human being. David is an example of the best. A true American Hero in my opinion. His example is a call to be the best we can be in our own unique way. He inspired me to step up even further and live a life of no excuses.
    Thank you Aleeza for sharing you story. You and your family truly can be proud of David. All I can say is thank you for all you have done and continue to do for our country and to inspire us to greatness.
    John Duffy

  97. Aleeza,

    Thank you so much for posting this on here. I have no clue if you will ever see this but I hope that you do. I wanted to let you and David know that He has really inspired me with the runs that he has done. In just a few days I am going to be running 12 hours straight in hopes of raising over $5,000 for human trafficking victims in Cambodia. I will be starting at midnight and finishing at the finish line of the Bass Pro Marathon in Springfield, Missouri. So far I am close to $3,000 raised and will be on 2 of the local news stations here in Springfield in the next few days. I would love to be able to talk with you about how to raise money for some of the projects that you have done. Check out my website, steveboda.com. Thanks so much Aleeza, have a blessed day


  98. I simply love this post..thanks for sharing the story..

  99. Your blog posts have really inspired me. Every time I read one of your blogs, it helps me get that " don't quit" thought in the back of my mind when I go on those dreaded runs. I would really appreciate, (and I'm sure everyone else would too) if you continued to write these inspirational blogs even after you hang your bike up and complete your charity foundation goals. Thank you for everything you've done and all that you've inspired.

  100. Mr. Goggins, it was a pleasure running in the quad dip sea with you this past weekend. My stabilizers didn't really care for the last muddy downhill having to work twice as hard, but that race overall kept a smile on my face. I felt like I was 7 years old again, playing in the mud and rain.
    Hope to see you there next year.
    All my best, Ben

  101. Keep it up David, you are a big inspiration

  102. I appreciate your effort of writing this post for David..such a kind deed..keep it up.

  103. i wish i would have known you were going to be at Hellgate. I would like to have met you, the Goggins family. Hope you had a great race.

  104. Hi...
    First of all, I want to say that your letter about your husband was so touching and genuine. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    I'm an LA-based casting director working with the Discovery Channel in a new series and I would love to speak to David about this new show called THE ASSAILANT. I am happy to provide more information if you can please e-mail me at ivette@metalflowersmedia.com with the best way to reach David.
    I really appreciate your time and hope you're gearing up for a wonderful holiday.
    Thank you,
    Ivette García

  105. I'm a nine year Navy veteran. (MM1) I was recently told by a co-worker of mine the other day that I should "look up" David Goggins, as our discussion was centered around diet and fitness at the time. Wow. I'm sure glad I did. People like David - as well as Aleeza - warm my heart... and usually give me a slight inferiority complex, as I don't see myself as being NEARLY as strong or selfless. All I can say is GOOD JOB and THANK YOU for giving us all a great life example to measure ourselves against when our current circumstances have us feeling like giving up. You are truly an inspiration.

  106. Hello Aleeza i have never written to you or divid up untill now. I heard thought friends about what david is doing and had too have a look. im a British Royal Marines Commando and i have a cousin who runs ultra marathons so i can kind of relate to alot that david talks about. I am soo impressed by the mentality and achivements of david that i am going to present an intrest lecture to my troop on what he is all about. i would really appriciate any up to date info on david and a trust worthy sorce to get my infomation from. thankyou - curtis

  107. Is david still doing RAAM in 2012?

  108. i first discoverd this website when your heart problems where discovered and because i am to lazy to read all the new entries (by the way i am no native speaker) i want to ask you through this how you are going and if everything is fine? i have had a hard time myself last year and when i thought a everything is so bad and i cant go on i always thought about you and your story and that inspired me to keep on. since that i have a selfmade poster of you with some of your quotes hanging in my trainings room

    with best wishes from europe

  109. Wow!! He is lucky to have such a supportive wife and family. People don't seem to understand why we do what we do. They judge and criticize instead of trying to understand and be supportive. Some think we do it to get attention... when all we really want to do is make a difference. Thank you for this post.

  110. Ma'am, is this blog still operational? I would like to ask a question, but I want to make sure I'm at the proper location for such a thing. Thank you.

  111. No one has the right to judge people. Whatever it is, surrender to Jesus! Don't take all things all by yourself, there is a hand to hold to.

  112. David, I love your commitment to your craft but please, for all of us who don't understand, explain what you mean when you say that you 'hate' running. You may hate the act of putting one leg in front of the other and the pain that comes from that but you MUST revel in the runners high or the feeling of accomplishment when you finish. I'm confused though because you say that at the end of every race you are always thinking what's next and not about your accomplishment. Please explain.

  113. Wow..I just came across this post, trying to see what David has been up to. There will always be haters out there, no matter what you do. Even if they are for a good cause. David is an awesome individual and an inspiration to many. I agree with you that those that are saying that have never met him. I was there during that 48 hour event that you mentioned. I got to talk to him a couple of times as he lapped me and he only had words of encouragement. I also spoke to the doc during that event and he told me that injury that he had during the first 24 hours would have 99% of the rest of the people in this World balled up crying, yet David kept on trucking. He is a great person and he had a great crew at his side (you) those 48 hours. I hope to be able to meet you two again someday. God Bless --Kenny

  114. Aleeza. (I think we met at Horton Plaza one warm afternoon, u and Dave were having lunch Maybe?)

    I have noticed Daves websites are down, nit sure if this will get to you all...
    This is Navy Chief Steve Schaljo, I was Dave's Naval Reserve Recruiter In Indianapolis, I was the only one who told Dave: YES! to SEALS when everyone told him no, as with many trials in Daves Life, it wasnt a cake walk, but we got it done: He got it done! I knew he would when everyother recruiter in Indiana laughed and hung up the phone!
    We trained together (the onlky training he did like: Weight Lifting when he came home to Indy after the first Hell weak)
    He needed me once, I need him now, whenever that can be, he will understand(Remember Dave who was there working at what 10pm at night on your OS3 package! Hooya!)
    I know who he is and where he might be, so whenever and wherever I will be here for him: Again! lol

    Here is my e-mail: NCCUSN@comcast.net

    Godspeed and safety to you both!

    Dave, miss you like a brother! Its 1202 am Portland time: Going running got race to run this weekend ;)

    Hooya! Navy Chief Navy Pride!

    Ill post this on Daves last post also...

  115. No one knows pain and sacrifice like a Navy Wife! It's no joke. David volunteered for everything that he has endured including the ridicule and insults. You didn't. God Bless you, Aleeza, for YOUR service. Guys like David cannot do what they do without the love and support of an encouraging and understanding family. There are so many times when I think that the real heros of our military are the families.

    Blessings to you all!
    Patrick J. Hill
    Chief Petty Officer
    United States Navy

  116. Well said, Aleeza! It is a loss for those who do not know David and his drive. I was glad you did the posting although you do not owe the ignorant any explanations.

  117. I don't know a lot about David Goggins, other than that he is a huge sports inspiration and motivation to my boyfriend after we came across some information on him on the internet. We can both completely understand that he hates running yet does it anyway, and can't for the life of us figure out why people would believe otherwise, or call him selfish. Selfish? Unfortunately there are a lot of small-minded, jealous people out there who are so selfish themselves they can't understand how somebody could be like David Goggins. We think he's a bit of legend and are only disappointed that we won't hear much more from him now, but understand why. Best wishes to David and his family for the future - you're truly amazing people.

  118. Murray Webb 2x Ironman (future Kona participant)July 13, 2011 at 11:02 AM

    No question David pushes his frame to unreal levels of pain and through torturous breakdowns, but he is obviously gifted. I too am a warrior and I push myself to my limits and beyond. I too used to use the term 'hate' when describing running, biking, swimming, etc. I love lifting and strength training. I couldn't stand cardio, but I got drawn into support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I realized that once I had a reason, and a purpose larger than my own fitness, it was time to embrace these torturous activities with love. In growing as a man and understanding that I influence so many people around me older and younger, I have slowly eradicated the word hate from my vocabulary. David's influence is much, much, MUCH, larger than mine, and if he keeps his motto of hating his dedicated past time, then it is that message that will ultimately anchor his influence. David, I salute your efforts, your dedication, and your cause, and I wish you the best moving forward. Less hate...more love, that's all we all need.

  119. dear david & leeza,

    you guys rock and i'm sorry that people have gotten negative online, i guess it's just in human nature to want to tear people down. but i personally can't imagine better role models than the 2 of you and everytime i've come to the blog i've been inspired by david's feats and thoughts on them. so sorry that we're going to be seeing less of him because i've never seen anything like him; all the racing & fundraising on top of being a navy seal? it's mind boggling in the most positive way and i only wish that i could show that level of commitment and excellence in my pursuits. if the USA had more men like david we wouldn't be losing our position at the top of the world as we are slowly doing...but that's a different topic. i just want you both to know how much i appreciate all that you have given us and this country. god bless you, god bless the US military and god bless the USA.


    james in NYC

  120. Dear David,
    I am a 19 year old freshman in college and I find your story incredible. I have dreams of becoming a Seal operator upon graduation of college, and let me just say, watching your navy video totally inspired me to participate in endurance events and push myself further than I have ever before. I have been into weight training for a while, but this year I have been an avid cyclist and runner. My first marathon is coming up soon and I have you to thank for inspiring me to get into these endurance events. You never know who you will inspire David. I have even started a blog about my own journey. I just want to thank you for what you've done, because you are a huge role model to me.


    Cole Zaricor

  121. I've crossed paths with David a number of times when I was at EWTGPAC on the island, and I can say his mere presence is inspiring. He is a great warrior and better man, and people are blessed to be in his presence. Let the hate rain down from people- we're a breed of people who people don't understand. For those who offer dissent, pound sand. You are offering nothing to life or others, so you try to thrive on negativity. Those who can, do. Those who cannot, complain.
    Semper Fi,

  122. Dear Aleeza; just the fact that he has fought for this country and still does shows he is not selfish. I know what it's like to raise money for a good cause through running and you will get flack from losers out there who are twisted and jealous or have nothing better to do than to not understand the facts. I know he has inspired me even though I have never run as far as him, he has inspired me to run my best for my life. How is that selfish?

  123. I've just found this blog and I've got impressed for this post.
    I didnt know David and what he does to help people. I just knew that he ran in badwater and in the Ironman of Hawaii 2008. So I got interested a bit more about his races and I have to say after read this post.
    That I feel a huge admiration for him and for He does.
    Big hug from Spain

  124. About two years ago, I first learned about David Goggins. I had broken my leg in 3 places, and throughout, watched his videos on YouTube. Motivated by him, since then I've run 4 marathons, one half, and countless 10k's..

    I've read the blogs where people attack him.. I cannot see how someone would see him as selfish.. Yeah, he's a total badass, but he does these races for the welfare of others! To me, he'll always be someone to look up to and aspire to be like. Thanks David!!

  125. This man is my hero- He is in the pursuit of something mentally that most of us can not even imagine, he will conquer any thing he sets out to do , You can tell by the way he lifts his self & the way he runs, - He is a king in my books.

    Ryan Ward

  126. After coming across your husband on the web and reading some of the things that people say both good and bad, I can only say don't even pay attention to the bad. People who are weak can only continue living by downplaying the successes and strugles of greater men and woman. It is very hard to look in the mirror after reading about Goggins when you are a weak person. The only way to do it is to say negative things. It's very bellitling to a weak man to see young men and women actually changing the world and motivating others and then look in the mirror. Is it selfish to leave your family to fight for your country? Is it sellfish to endure pain for those who are in pain because they will never see their fathers. No it is selfless. Let those petty comments continue to go unheard by those who truly understand.
    Semper Fidelis to Goggins his family, friends, fellow SEALs and combat crewmen.

  127. I have a huge amount of respect and appreciation for David and all Navy SEALS. What they do is so courageous, and like you said, he is an old school man that is rare these days. I hope all is well with you and your family. I read about him in Runner's World years ago and was so impressed. I just saw Act of Valor and it reminded me of how appreciative I am that people like David serve their country in more ways than one. Thank you,

  128. Goggins,

    Hey brother, I wanted to give a quick shout too let you know how motivating you've been too me. I served 4 and a half years in the navy and never took much pride in the job I was doing. Always focused on myself way to much. When I got out I came across your youtube videos and it was a reality check of what kind of man I was trying to be. I tightened up and now actively do everything to the best of my ability, even when I hate it. With that in mind my girlfriend and I are discussing my re-entry back to the military to pursue an operators life. It will be with the ARMY but nonetheless I want you to know that your words carrier heavy whenever my miles seem to get a little tough. For that, Thank you.

  129. Mr. and Mrs. Goggins- I wish this could reach you not as someone who would try to just say "David you are amazing, thank you for everything". I'm sure you receive many comments on blogs and possibly emails, etc...I would sincerely like to tell you that your story and life is truly inspiring and has legitimately changed the way I approach life. I am a senior in college in Upstate New York, and I have gone through almost a year of nonsense trying to get into the Navy due to a shoulder injury I obtained playing college sports. I've had to spend hundreds of dollars on random testing to prove my shoulder to be in good health and I have finally been cleared and enlisted. I am now waiting on taking the PST for a SEAL contract. My scores for the swimming and strength portion is highly competitive. My issue is the run portion because I was coming back from the shoulder surgery and being a 5'10" 210 lb football player who thinks 100 yds is long distance and benched 430 lbs, increasing my running endurance has been an issue. I am now down to 9:30 for the run portion and I am trucking through trying to get sub-9:00. I just wanted to say that after reading numerous articles about your experience with the military and your unwavering dedication to the Warrior Foundation and your family, I had a switch flip in my head and instantly realized that the only thing that will stop me from being a successful SEAL operator is myself. I do not drink, smoke, use drugs. I eat very healthy, and I do not participate in going to the bars or even many social scenes. My life is training and school work. I have lost several friends to this lifestyle, but I have never been happier. This dedication to a cause (becoming a SEAL operator, saving lives, and challenging myself beyond what most people are capable of) is what I live for, and you are right when you say you are alone. No one is with you when you are banging out a 20 page paper, then must train 5 hours a day trying to max your PRs. You must find it within yourself to push through and challenge yourself everyday, that is what life is all about. In the end, all you have is you and your family and nothing else matters. What you, your family, and those that work with you for the Warrior Foundation are doing is one of the most admirable, courageous, self-less acts anyone could ever do. You have truly inspired me to be a better person and to challenge myself everyday. Someday, I only hope to make an impact on this world the way you have. And Mrs. Goggins, I admire your dedication to Mr. Goggins and you, yourself, deserve just as much admiration and thanks. I am sure Mr. Goggins thanks God everyday for your support and your being right beside him throughout all of this. In closing, I would just like to say thank you to both of you for everything you do, you both are truly an inspiration to everyone and influence so many lives, many in which you are not even aware. Thank you.

    Patrick Julian
    Hobart College
    Future Sailor

  130. Aleeza,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. You and David are a true inspiration to NEVER EVER EVER EVER give up and to dig deep to find that extra mile within yourself. Keep up the amazing work! I recently came across a poem via a lady with a critical cardiac condition - she will never give up either:
    The Quitter
    When you’re lost in the Wild, and you’re scared as a child,
    And Death looks you bang in the eye,
    And you’re sore as a boil, it’s according to Hoyle
    To cock your revolver and … die.
    But the Code of a Man says: “Fight all you can,”
    And self-dissolution is barred.
    In hunger and woe, oh, it’s easy to blow …
    It’s the hell-served-for-breakfast that’s hard.

    “You’re sick of the game!” Well, now, that’s a shame.
    You’re young and you’re brave and you’re bright.
    “You’ve had a raw deal!” I know — but don’t squeal,
    Buck up, do your damnedest, and fight.
    It’s the plugging away that will win you the day,
    So don’t be a piker, old pard!
    Just draw on your grit; it’s so easy to quit:
    It’s the keeping-your-chin-up that’s hard.

    It’s easy to cry that you’re beaten — and die;
    It’s easy to crawfish and crawl;
    But to fight and to fight when hope’s out of sight —
    Why, that’s the best game of them all!
    And though you come out of each gruelling bout,
    All broken and beaten and scarred,
    Just have one more try — it’s dead easy to die,
    It’s the keeping-on-living that’s hard

    Robert William Service

    Thank you both again.

    Renata O'Donnell

  131. disgusting race mixers

  132. A response to the person who posted the comment on May 12, 2012. It is you who are disgusting. Please crawl back under your rock where nobody can watch you live your pathetic little life.

  133. Correction. The previous comment was directed to the person who posted on May 20, 2012.

  134. Any news about david goggins?
    2010 - last post...
    is he ok?

  135. Just donated to the foundation after reading about David for the first time. Thank you for your service David and for what you are doing to raise money for the foundation. You are an inspiration.

  136. SO1 Goggins is a true American Patriot! I doubt any man is as inspirational as this sailor. I am wondering why this motivation is not on regular news channels ? I am blown away and fortified in my efforts to push myself and remember why I am serving my country. If only more people knew, understood and just got off their rear and did things to make a change like SO1 Goggins then maybe things would be quite different. I too can relate being delt a hard card to handle and someone who is living a bit old school In a day were values are fading in society. I am profoundly grateful for the moral fiber And toughness SO1 carries and for the man he is which is truly awesome.
    HN Sorenson

  137. I'd love to hear from Goggins. I'm 17 and about to go from college. I started running in high school. I have the same mentality as you Goggins, I just need the will to put it into action. I want to start running ultras soon. In two years, I plan to volunteer for the Seals. I would love to talk to you on the phone, or maybe through email. Please, if you are there can you shoot me and email at mdelano.j@gmail.com. I believe in your cause for raising money and would like to help. I just need a starting point. You know how this is. I will not waste your time.Thanks.

  138. Is there a way people can run marathons, raise money and donate to your cause ? If SO1 is going to stop his races it would be cool to have others run and Still donate right? I am interested in running marathons and would like to use that as some motivation too and get others to donate to support your cause. Your running and charity could be continuing thing. SO1 Dosnt have to do it all on his own. If there is any way to contribute by myself doing marathons or just contribute I would love to know. If you could let me know my email is sosoren@gmail.com
    HN Sorenson

  139. Is there a way people can run marathons, raise money and donate to your cause ? If SO1 is going to stop his races it would be cool to have others run and Still donate right? I am interested in running marathons and would like to use that as some motivation too and get others to donate to support your cause. Your running and charity could be continuing thing. SO1 Dosnt have to do it all on his own. If there is any way to contribute by myself doing marathons or just contribute I would love to know. If you could let me know my email is sosoren@gmail.com
    HN Sorenson

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  141. Hi
    All David Fans. Great news! Look what I just found on FB. It looks like D is back :)


  142. Michael sudol, Sudolmichasl@yahoo.comAugust 22, 2012 at 10:38 PM

    Hi Aleeza thank you for putting the time into explaining more about your great husband David. Im sorry i had no idea anyone was bad mouthing him. I have only read positive things about him, as a result it has opened my mind about how everything truelly is mental. David is a true inspiration in everything i do, and will continue to be even after RAAM and never hearing about him again, i am glad i was exposed to learning about him, and hope that someday i can achieve great defeats just as he has and is still doing. If i can get some info on where i can donate for his cause i would really like to. Thanks again, Mike Sudol, NJ

    1. Sudolmichael@yahoo.com ***

  143. Truly an inspirational man. Makes me work that much harder in preparation for BUD/S, thank you.

  144. Kudos to you for supporting your husband. All I have to say is "Haters are gonna' hate". I, for one, am a member of a grateful nation who is thankful for your husband's service as a military man and as a citizen who is raising funds for other military families who have made the ultimate sacrifice for my freedom. You and your husband are both inspiring, selfless and remarkable. God bless you both!

  145. David i just want to say thank you for being you and not letting other people determine what you do. Your humility and achievements helping our fallen brothers is truly rare in a world too often filled with sell-outs and self-advertisers. The words of your wife just shows that your priorities are not fame. I'm headed down range soon with the teams and your story inspires me but not in the way one would think Not to be the hardest or top frogman, but to be the silent warrior professional, to lead from the front and suffer in silence. To not distract attention from the mission, whatever life presents. The story of your courage and humility compels me to show no weakness, and to humbly make the effort in honor, not for myself. Congratulations on your success in your career, helping others and sharing it with your wife!

    Loren Laffite

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  147. Hope all is well with you. I've been researching runners and looking for inspirational stories. I cam across your story and was immediately moved. I'd love to talk to you about participating in a marketing campaign aimed to inspire runners from all over the world to continue to run and share their stories with others. I'm happy to tell you more about the project. Would you be free for a call ? We are looking to shoot this month. Potentially the week of the 17th. We'll be creating assets for print and video. You will be compensated. Can't wait to chat.

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    Global Cultural Director
    mob: 646.228.4173
    address: 536 Broadway, New York, NY 10012
    twitter: @stonefacephotog
    instagram: stoneface

  148. Chief Goggins, I have been following your journey for about 5 years now. There are not many people who I would consider role models in this day and age, but you have are one of the most positive leaders I know. I was so grateful that you had completed your pull up challenge, and it just symbolised absolute commitment and stick ability to your personally held goals and also your unwavering support for public service (through both your job and the foundation). Thanks for being such an inspiration to many and just like to say that the last Competitors Radio episode was a blast. Can't wait to hear about more of your forthcoming races. Gotta to now go on a long run and just such up some pain. Keep on going Chief.

  149. I just want to say thank you for sharing all the blog posts that you did. It really inspired me a lot. I never had any friends with this kind of mindset so I'm really thankful to be able to learn from you. Thank you so much for all that you shared. It would be a blessing to learn more from you. I searched all over the internet and can't find any news on you except for the world record in pull ups. Congratulations. You just kept going after 3 attempts. I really respect your wife to for her supporting you all along. Thanks so much for all the wisdom you shared. It means a lot. Keep going on your journey. God loves you big time!

  150. I want to thank you Mr.Goggins. My friend Juan Juarez is at Badwater right now and is crewing for Oswaldo. I jokingly asked him to tell you hello for me. Thank you for sharing when you do. My first 100 miler took me 3 attempts. My first try was Potowatomi in 2012. I remember your story about being sick and still finishing that course. We had horrible rain and mudslide conditions. I never gave up.But I times out at mile 80 with 4 hours left. I left that race more determined than ever to finish my goal. It also took me 3 tries within 5 1/2 months, but I never gave up. I finished the Mark Twain 100 in Sept. of last year. it took me 31 1/2 hours. Since then I decided it didn't matter how hard a race was, I would have the resolve to believe I can achieve what I want. I went to Bighorn 100 this past June. I was able to make it halfway before missing the cut-off. My heart never gives out. I know how to use my heart to run. But I have been challenged by a clock that tries to decide my fate. So i just want to tell you thank you. Thank you for being brave enough to show your heart. Juan did take a photo with you before Badwater started. I am keeping you and everyone in thoughts and prayers for your safety and an amazing race. Many blessings to your wife for her beautiful words and the love that she openly expresses for you. I do hope one day I will be able to meet you at a race and shake your hand and say thank you in person. Im going back to Bighorn 100 in 2014. Im not giving up.

  151. David and Aleeza, Thank you for sharing these goals and the journey you have taken to accomplish them. Thank you for your commitment to your Teammates and their children. Thank you for your commitment to serving your Country. Thank you for the example of being the person you have chosen to be. Thank you.

  152. It's not about You. It's not about Me. Existential Philanthropy since 2002. Because of this Strong Husband & Wife Team, I am now more mentally prepared to endure the BS that people will say about my motives. Thank You Both, for your Service, for your Love, for your Loyalty, for your Teamwork, for Everything that is simply being You. Peace, Love, Speak Soft but Carry A Big Stick.

  153. David Goggins is an inspiration and a legend. Keep going man!

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  156. Thank your for writing this for David and thank you David for your service and these posts. Learning a lot from you and truly inspired. I hope there will someday be more!

  157. Wow I just read the book Living with a Seal and wanted to thank Mr. Goggins for his testimony about perserverance through trials and fire, the mentality to never quit, never surrender! This book changed my life and I will never be the same thank you!!!!

  158. Hey this is my first time on this blog after I saw Jesse Itzler on you tube. From what I read in this post I can't believe that some people give David a hard time. He's a true inspiration giving his all for charity, his fallen friends and to test the limits of the human spirit. I came here hoping some will rub off on me as I don't think I even give 30 percent of what I think I'm capable of. Things changed for me when I ended up in a ward and I was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia and OCD. The illness and meds knock me a bit but I know I'm capable of so much more. Keep going David and thank you for all the work you do for charity. I'll be following you on the web and trying to give more of myself in pursuit of my goals. Kia Kaha from New Zealand.

  159. Hi David. Do you have a contact page? I want to send you a message? Thanks Matt

  160. David's life continues to inspire. Thank you.